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"I took a journey through the realms of the spirit. A journey through which the mind had to give up doubts, critique, questions ... and attend to the heart.

A workshop with Master Cheung is that kind of journey. The body becomes a vessel for the spirit and its expressions come out in the moves of Shibashi. Body gets stronger as Master Cheung takes me from one movement to the next; from one breath to the next; through levels of meditation. The forms become pictures, the pictures come to life as each form becomes a dance. The energy grows like life inside me.

It is a unique experience!" - Vera Stern of Canada, Professional Harp Performer


Workshops / Retreats:

Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong Instructor Correspondence Course - Level I
Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong (Instructor) Training Course - Level I
Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong (Instructor) Training Course - Level II
Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong (Instructor) Training Course - Level III
Solar Qigong for Healing & Enlightenment - Level I / II
Semi-Private Retreat (Hawaii / Bali / Chiang Mai)
Tai Chi Qigong - Set IV

If you are interested in organizing a qigong workshop/retreat, please email us to discuss in details.


Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong (Instructor) Training Course - Level I

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is one of the most popular styles of qigong around the world because it is effective and easy to learn.  The demand for tai chi qigong instructors is increasing as baby boomers start to age and as more people become aware of the benefits of qigong.
In this course, students will learn:

  • all 3 major types of qigong, namely the moving qigong, standing qigong and sitting qigong. The first set of Shibashi, the Wuji & Taiji Stances and the basic Internal Alchemy technique will be taught respectively for each type.  Time will be devoted to Individual form correction;

  • the theory of qi and the health benefits of qigong from both Eastern and Western perspectives;

  • the details surrounding each qigong movement;

  • abdominal and reverse breathing techniques;

  • about the physiological changes when one enters qigong mode (as seen on biofeedback machines);

  • about the feelings to be expected after practicing qigong and the meaning behind each of these feelings and

  • about the common mistakes students make when practicing Shibashi.

"I feel that the workshop significantly helped me to improve my forms and understanding of the Shibashi set.  I also found the meditation segments of your workshop to be very helpful.  I have had trouble meditating in the past, and I feel that your workshop helped me to become more centered in my practice." - Ryan Lee of USA - Tai Chi Instructor


"Your sincerity and passion for Qigong resonates deeply with me. I absorbed so much and feel a deeper connection to building the dantian, inner alchemy and the Qigong mode. I wish that I will have the great luck to train with you again in the future." - Sono Michetti of Australia

By the end of the course, students will know how to:

  • check if others are relaxed by assessing their physical and mental state;

  • maximize the benefits of Shibashi by adding extra elements to certain movements;

  • incorporate some simple yet powerful stances into Shibashi;

  • modify movements when teaching seniors and those with special needs;

  • create a qi field to magnify the benefits of group practice and

  • detect and defend themselves from sick qi.

Even though the theme of this training course focuses on Shibashi, the knowledge obtained from and skills developed during this course could be applied to many different styles of qigong.  Those that do not intend to teach but would like to make qigong a part of their lives will also find this course very useful.
A certificate will be issued to those who successfully complete this course.  Graduates have the option of listing their names and contact information on the instructor page alongside other certified tai chi qigong instructors worldwide.

"From my past experience and knowledge of Tai Chi and Qigong I found your training extremely enlightening and felt spiritually charged to practice more diligently again. Its been a while that I have been this charged." - Greg Gardiner of Canada - Tai Chi Instructor for over 15 years

Thank you for an excellent workshop!  It was a such valuable experience.  You have explained in detail the proper form and gave us key insight to understanding each movement ... Thank you again for sharing your gifts and talents.  It was indeed an honor to meet you" - Marianne Nakamura of USA

Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong (Instructor) Training Course - Level II

Students will learn:

  • Principles and theories of tai chi and qigong;
  • Advance techniques on improving the tai chi and qigong training;
  • The 18 movements of the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 2nd Set;
  • The Tai Chi Stance;
  • Techniques to increase the sensitivity to qi;
  • How to increase neijing (internal power);
  • Inner Alchemy Meditation (beginner to intermediate level)

Inner Alchemy Meditation - The beginner level student will learn how to develop their lower Dan Tian so that they can build up enough Jing (sexual energy, kidney energy or water energy) and at the same time maximize their lung capacity. The intermediate level will learn how to turn this water energy into steam (qi) and bring it upward to meet with the fire (heart energy), thus achieving the perfect condition of Hexagram 63 described by I Ching (Yi Jing).  This process develops the middle Dan Tian, releases the negative energy and at the same time builds up the spiritual energy (Shen).

"I learned a lot at the workshop, from your words and explanations, but also by absorbing the unspoken. I am getting a much better feel for moving with the ripple effect." - Mandana Juon of Australia

"Thank you again Sifu, for an absolutely excellent course!  The Best in so many aspects, that I have attended for many years." - Hans Boeltzig of Finland

"I am now able to walk a kilometre, managing a steep hill.  I use the Dan Tian breathing especially to walk up the hill.  For me, this is a huge achievement.  In February I had to use crutches to walk." - Rosemary Basham of Australia

Comprehensive Tai Chi Qigong (Instructor) Training Course - Level III

Students will learn:

  • The 9 major Qiao (cavities) on the body for nei gong practice and the secrets to open them;
  • The 18 movements of the Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi - 3rd Set;
  • More in depth on Inner Alchemy (Nei Dan);
  • How to achieve the Wu Wei state;
  • Many advance qigong techniques such as skin breathing, embryonic breathing, fa jing (explosive movements) and how to apply them to the forms.

    November 8-9, 2014 at The Villages, FL, USA
    November 29-30, 2014 at Melbourne, Australia


Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi - Set IV

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is one of the most popular types of qigong in the world and consists of several sets of movements. In the first three sets you practice 18 movements in a flowing sequence. Set IV, however, is quite different from the first three. In fact, it is better to call it 18 Methods For Treating 18 Health Problems. Each of the 18 methods addresses a specific condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, sciatica, obesity, stroke, cancer; or problems of the kidneys, stomach, and liver. It is not necessary to practice all the 18 methods. One may choose just the method which addresses a particular condition and then practice diligently. 


Solar Qigong for Healing & Enlightenment - Level I / II

Solar Qigong - Level I has 3 major parts:

Part I (Technique with movements to stimulate different meridians and energy centres)
- Clear blockages in meridians
- Open the four major accupoints in the body
- Improve balancing ability
- Increase stamina
- Enhance ones visualization abilities and imagination
- Improve mind and body coherence

Part IIa (Sun gazing technique)
- Clear toxins from the eyes
- Improve eyesight
- Prevention of eye diseases
- Cleanse the bone and bone marrow

Part IIb (Light energy absorbing technique)
- Activate 3rd eye for better intuition and 6th sense
- Open Bai Hui to connect with heavenly energy
- Improve mental clarity
- Improve sleeping quality
- Release tensions in neck

Part IIc (Sun swallowing technique)                                  
- Improve digestive system
- Increase energy
- First step in qigong fasting (bigu)
                                                                                                             This photo is taken right after Sifu Cheung empowered the student

Part III (Meditation to connect with the Universe)
- Accumulate qi
- Connect with the ultimate source (Universe)
- Promote positive hormones such as endorphins and DHEA to remain happy and youthful
- Improve concentration
- Increase mental alertness
- Enhance mind power

Level II focuses on opening the 3rd eye to utilize the brain potential, releasing the negative emotional energy and cultivating the spiritual energy.

"...I felt like a jolt/energetic ripple up the spine. [referring to empowerment]  It was the deepest meditation experience I've ever had ... a work colleague who is open to energy, said on Wednesday [3 days after the Level II workshop] when I saw her, that she could feel my energy being very strong and having a calming effect on her the whole day while we sat working next to each other." - Mark Collins of UK